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Interior design for the greater Houston area

Queen Fi Design

Felicia Jackson


Queen Fi Purpose!

My goal is to create great design while adding comfort and aesthetics to every room. I strive to design spaces that offer a balance between purpose and comfort. I don't care if colors clash, personality should be a reflection of your space no matter where you live: house, apartment, Airbnb. etc. . . If it makes you smile it's worth the change.

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Felicia Jackson

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Queen Fi's Services

Love to decorate? We’ll do it together. Have no desire to be part of the process? No problem, I’ll handle it all.

  • Pretty Darn Pretty

    We go on a 2-hour shopping spree at Favorite Design Store or Home Goods searching for the perfect rugs, throws, pillows, pictures, and whatever to accessorize your home or apartment.


  • Queen Fi-Mini Design

    Design consultation and inspiration with solutions to spice up your space or refresh a room. As your designer we can start with what you have and then fluff it up by adding new decor and finishing touches.


  • Window Treatment Consult

    2-hour consultation that includes ideas and direction for window treatment style, functionality, fabrics and finishes. Measurements are taken for up to 5 windows.


  • Girlfriends Full Design

    4 hours of collaboration with Queen Fi to transform a blank canvas or redesign an entire room. We'll start with a little chat to make sure we know exactly what you'll need to support your lifestyle and then we'll go shopping for all that new furniture and accessories to make it happen.


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Let's chat! Fill out our client questionnaire, we'll schedule a call to discuss your project. If you decide we’re a fit, we'll schedule a home visit or a video call to finalize your project details.

Interior design for the greater Houston area

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